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Functional Neurology Therapy and Assessment

Functional Neurology Therapy  This is for the client who may have a Neural Dynamic involved in their symptomology and history, such as Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, dizziness, vertigo, bi-polar disorder, cognitive symptoms, poor balance, accidents or injury. Often times these clients have tried everything they can imagine.  Nothing shows up on the MRI and they are in need of bodywork, but everything they have tried seems to make them feel better for hours or days, but then comes back, some times even worse, or therapy simply exaccerbates their neurological condition. Traditional approaches do not work as it is easy to overstimulate an already compromised system and help speed up the death of weak neurons.  With functional neurological bodywork we begin with a functional neurological assessment and closely monitor the clients autonomic response throughout the session, building plasticity as we progress, which sets this type of bodywork at the leading edge of therapy. 


Functional Neurology Assessment

An assessment of the !2 pair of Cranial Nerves, 31 pair of spinal nerves, sensory and motor output, and the lobes of the brain. A Neurologist is looking for pathology when they perform these assessments. In the field of massage/bodwork therapy we do not diagnose or treat pathology.  We are looking at functionality. Following the assessment, a bodywork session is then created specifically for your needs in the moment addressing your low back pain or injured shoulder or headaches, for example, without overstimulating your neurological condition. The assessment technique is designed to screen for contraindications for massage/bodywork.

Elizabeth is a graduate of MTIC’s Certified Neurological Bodywork Program (CNB) making her one of the few practitioners in her field trained to perform Functional Neurological Assessment. Elizabeth holds a Diplomate with the American Functional Neurology Society


Functional Neurology Therapy and Assessment as applied to Massage Therapy and Bodywork. Received training at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado from Dr. Paul Thomas. Graduated in 2011. 

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