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Massage/Bodywork, with Elizabeth Beemer ACMT, DAFNS

The Arvigo Maya Abdominal Technique

The Arvigo Maya Abdominal Technique stem from the Wisdom of the Ancient Maya, Wise Women and Rainforest traditions. Centered around the ancient Mayan techniques, which reposition organs that have dropped and restricted the flow of blood, lymph, nerve & chi energy. As with any other natural healing, Arvigo Techniques seek to restore the body to its natural balance.

 An external, non-invasive massage treatment on the abdomen and back to address common male and female complaints that can occur with PMS, Menopause, Pre-menopause, prolapse, Infertility, constipation, digestive issues, prostate health etc.

Self-Care Each session includes training in Self-Care massage to empower and assist you in maintaining optimum health.


“The Uterus is a woman’s center and if it is out of balance she will be physically, emotionally and spiritually out of balance”

Don Elijio Panti (Maya Shaman)


Elizabeths Training: Certified Professional Practitioner. Training received from Rosita Arvigo 2002-2003.

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