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Massage/Bodywork, with Elizabeth Beemer ACMT, DAFNS

Traditional Japanese Anma

Tradtional Japanese Anma-  an extensive kneading and rotation based healing art, incorporates, Bodywork, Tsubo (accupoint) therapy, stretching and movement. Anma moves like the Ocean; facilitating deep relaxation; while opening the joints, aligning the structure; and harmonizing the vessels, meridians, and internal organs. 


Zoku Shin Do – or way of the heart of the foot (traditional Japanese foot massage), is a rapid, vigorous, and deeply stimulating style of foot massage and an excellent way of relieving achy feet and improving health.


Ancient Way of Beauty – Japanese facial massage, a rapid, percussive style consists of three phases; cleansing, moisturizing, and energizing. Complete with a neck massage, lymphatic drainage and a pressure point face-lift, a Japanese facial leaves you looking younger and feeling great.

Tai Cho Ho - a form of Anma designed for small women to work on Sumo-wrestlers.  This technique is applied with the practitioners feet while the client lies on a mat on the floor.

Anpuku Therapy - The Art of Harmonizing the Internal organs abdominal, visceral massage

Elizabeths Training: A 250-hour course in Traditional Japanese Anma including: Japanese Foot & Facial massage, Tai Cho Ho and Anpuku therapy (abdominal,visceral) Training received from Shogo Mochizuki, Director of education at the Japanese Massage and Bodywork Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

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