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Structural Integration

Structural Integration This unique program of Structural Integration is Based on the concepts of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and the integrative therapeutic methods of Dr. Mark Manton. A synthesis of bodywork, education, and movement will empower you, with improved awareness of your body, posture, and structural alignment. Through dynamic and interactive therapy you gain direct experience of the release of soft tissue restriction and correction of structural misalignment. The experience of subtle intrinsic movement allows you to integrate functional ease into your bodymind and reprogram your neuromuscular memory (create plasticity) by teaching your body to relax, align, and expand, while moving with fluid ease.

10 session series  A 10 series Approach to Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork. Through 10 - 12, weekly, dynamic and interactive therapy sessions you can achieve a full body overhaul.

Sessions 1-3 - focus on the superficial fascial layers (sleeve)

Sessions 4-6 - focus on the deep fascial layers (core)

Session  7 - focus on head, neck, intra-oral, sinus

Session 8-10 focus on the integration of the above

Structural Integration strives to realign the whole body within the gravitational field to restore functional ease.

Elizabeths Training- Attendance and completion of MTIC's Year II Program of Advanced Myofascial Therapy and Remedial Massage in 2005 - 2006. Continuing education 2006-2012 as an Assistant Teaching Assistant. Trainiing received from Dr. Mark Manton.

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